BB: Unit 2 – Business Basics Access
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This gets you access to Unit 2 [Business Basics] of the Business Bootcamp Online Course. This unit is rammed full of business theory followed up with actionable steps to get your business going right, from the start. You also get access to the Business Forms Template Pack as part of this unit, and we cover branding too. Ready to start up right? Dive in!


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21 reviews for BB: Unit 2 - Business Basics Access

  1. Kathy Burgess (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding course! Jess goes into so much detail in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I would highly recommend this course to anyone either new to business or someone just wanting to further their knowledge. Thank you for such a fantastic course!

  2. Anna van Zwol (verified owner)

    This course is invaluable for anyone thinking of or currently in the process of starting up their own photography business! The units are put together so well and deliver all the theory and information in a way that it is easy to understand – and always with a caring and personal touch from Jess!

  3. Tatiana Ortiz (verified owner)

    I found this course so helpful! The content was just what I needed to get me going in the right direction. It was well-thought-out. It felt genuine, heartfelt, and honest. I can’t wait to complete her other courses. Thank you Jess!

  4. gerrit callebaut (verified owner)

    A perfect bootcamp that even if you are still in your early stages or beyond, you should not miss this one.
    In no time you will feel more confident in what you do and learn from this business bootcamp.
    The perfect explanation, the right tips, the right links and so on. and if in doubt, this bootcamp is worth every penny. Looking forward to the rest

  5. SUSAN TAIT (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased I signed up for the Business Bootcamp. Jess gives so much valuable information away in this course and I can’t wait to put all I have learnt in to practice

  6. Steve Cole (verified owner)

    This course is just great. It goes through everything you could possibly need to know about setting up a business, and even provides really handy extras to get you started. Best money ever spent (business wise)

  7. Atina Janssens (verified owner)

    This course is great! It might be my best investment up to now. It is of a major value. Jess is not just a great photographer, she is a great coach as well.

  8. Jessica Buck (verified owner)

    Honestly, Jess is a great teacher and this is a great start if you want to really make this photography business a thing! You won’t regret it!

  9. Jamie Tempest (verified owner)

    This really does cover everything you need for starting your business. Whether you are just launching your business or need the assurance you haven’t missed anything in the beginnings of your business this course can help you!

  10. Steven Hitchman (verified owner)

    WOW- What a lot to take in and makes you think about your business. I was not sure about doing course due to cost.. its a good investment, trust me.

  11. Michelle StCyr (verified owner)

    As a current business owner, I learned so much from Jessica to implement now and also use her lesson(s) while building my pet photography business. I definitely recommend the course, it is well worth the investment.

  12. Ayri Niemi (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying I have successfully run 2 of my own businesses prior to meeting Jess. This course has been so helpful for my existing business and is helping me to grow a fantastic new photography based business. I can’t wait for the next unit so that I can create an even more steam lined customer experience. Thank you Jess and team for all your incredibly hard work!

  13. Kat De Laet (verified owner)

    The perfect business bootcamp and kick in the butt to start doing business properly. Jess is an amazing teacher, as always. Highy recommend.

  14. Daniel Abramson (verified owner)

    The step-by-step process made it super easy to follow along. It was detailed and straightforward in putting everything together. I feel confident in moving foward with my business now that I have the foundations in place. As always, Jess’ teaching style, language, examples and explanations are spot on. Thank you Jess, Dan, and team.

  15. Toni Provencher (verified owner)

    I purchased the bootcamp bundle that this unit sure delivers. I began my business concept last year and knew it needed a ton of work. Jess has this magical way of explaining things and giving you the tools and knowledge to implement your visions. Thank you Jess and team for supporting our dreams and helping us to realize them!

  16. Chohee Courtois (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Such a well-structured course with detailed actionable information.

  17. Cindy Van osch (verified owner)

    Very clear and helpful course to start or improve your business.

  18. Emma Siddons (verified owner)

    Great introduction to starting up your business on the right foot. Easy to understand and pitched t the right level for someone who has no prior knowledge of business – and is keen to get up and running with minimal fuss!

  19. Nika Kuplenk (verified owner)

    As a complete business novice, this course is for me invaluable. There is a lot of work to be done, but Jess gives clear instructions and whenever possible helps out a ton with her templates. The course covers from A to Z how to start a succesful business and I can’t wait to put everything learned into practice!

  20. Gemma Burden (verified owner)

    This course has been amazing, giving me all of the information I need to get my photography business started. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to get started, and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start a business of their own.

  21. Melissa Hoogendoorn (verified owner)

    Amazing course, it gives you a lot of information to think about and implement in your own business your way. I highly recommend it to other people!

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