BB: Unit 4 – Selling for Success Access
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This gets you access to Unit 4 [Selling for Success] of the Business Bootcamp Online Course. This unit contains detailed information on sales psychology, pricing tricks and selling methods to allow you to generate and maintain high sales averages by helping your clients, whilst never “selling” to them at all.


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5 reviews for BB: Unit 4 - Selling for Success Access

  1. Tricia Charles (verified owner)

    This is one of the most valuable courses I’ve taken so far! If you struggle with selling your services/work, look no further. This course is so incredible well laid out and easy to follow. The psychology behind IPS is revealed and I can’t wait to put this into my business practice. I highly recommend this course!

  2. Annabel Richman (verified owner)

    Jess delivers this unit in such a relatable and friendly manner. The course has a clear structure, consolidating previous units and giving clear rationale for the process of selling. I feel much more confident for moving forwards with my business. Thanks Jess!

  3. Finlay McNally (verified owner)

    Taking this course was definitely a no brainier for me. I struggled to have the confidence in changing how a ran my business, i knew that i wanted to do In Person Sales Sessions but had no idea where to start or what to even say to my customers!
    i can now proudly say i have booked my first IPS session with one of my customers and i am confident that i know what i am doing!

    Thanks Jess and Team

  4. Brittany Callahan (verified owner)

    Wow. It is hard to express the amount of knowledge in this unit. Are you like me and you’ve never done an IPS session and you’re really not sure what they’re about? You need this unit. You really get hit by the impact IPS has for a client. There’s no way I can do online galleries ever again. Do yourself a favor – get this course.

  5. Liz Schmuck (verified owner)

    This course has helped me to turn my photography from the hobby I loved to my dream career! I have worked in sales most of my life so sales were not a foreign concept, but it was my first time selling something that I created and that left me a lot less confident. I never liked pushy sales and I didn’t want to leave my clients with a bad taste in their mouths. This course allowed me to do just that by giving me the resources to make my IPS sessions very efficient, streamlined, and stress-free! My first IPS after this course was a private session that resulted in a sale of well over 4 figures! I was ecstatic and the whole process seemed easy and left me feeling excited for the next one as opposed to nervous and dreading having to go through the process again. The amount of information in BBU4 was a little overwhelming, but I love that I have been able to go back and reference the material when I have felt stuck. There hasn’t been a question I haven’t been able to find an answer to yet! Thank you Jess for providing this course with the information I needed to make my business successful!

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