Lightroom for Beginners Access
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This gives you access to the Lightroom for Beginners course. The L4B course is a 31-lesson self-learning option that gives you over 2 hours of content for the same price as a single one hour one-to-one with Jess. Access is given for 3 months as standard, with the option to extend if you need extra time (just send us a message!).


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8 reviews for Lightroom for Beginners Access

  1. Susanne Waldeck (verified owner)

    Maybe some of you are like me.. totally carried away with pet photography… and then you realise what a mess it creates on your time budget, because you just run out of time to do all the edits!!
    That is where this class comes in, it teaches you how to batch edit and how to use your time efficiently. And many more useful little tricks..
    What can I say.. another great Jess Workshop. Highly recommended.

  2. Lynn Busse (verified owner)

    I can say I’m really glad I took it. I could make my way around Lightroom before but now I have a much better understanding of how I can make my workflow more efficient which is huge! (especially for my dog sport events which have hundreds of photos!) Also got some good tips on what tools lightroom has for editing that I wasn’t familiar with…the new masking tools in particular. Definitely recommend for beginners and even more experienced users who want to maximize their skills and time management. Another great ThatTogSpot offering!

  3. Janice Mcinally (verified owner)

    I have been waiting a while to do this course, so glad I have finally managed to do it, and way Jess explains everything in here is so easy to understand, I now have the knowledge to move forward with lightroom, just got to practice, Truely a easy to understand course, masking and using the brushes, was a subject I struggled with now I understand how to use them, and my files are now in order. thankyou Jess

  4. Tracy Patton (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this course. I have been dabbling in Lightroom for years now and knew that I was not utilizing it to its full potential. Now, I have so many more skills and can’t wait to practice it more and more. Thanks for this course, worth every penny!

  5. Toni Provencher (verified owner)

    This is a great course for any beginner Lightroom user. Lots of time-saving suggestions and ways to increase your skills in Lightroom. I highly recommend this course!

  6. Chris Humphrey (verified owner)

    An excellent course, presented in helpfully bite-sized chunks. With the knowledge gained and plenty of practice, I feel confident I will be able to raise my editing skills to the level I aspire to. I thoroughly recommend this course.

  7. Ann Evans (verified owner)

    My husband always says, “Organization is the key to Success”, this course is exactly that. I so wanted to organize my files. Finally, I feel that Jess has offered me those skills to finally achieve the organization that I desired. If your pondering this class just immediately sign up for it. You will be so happy that you did. Thanks so much Jess!

  8. Nicole Thirkettle (verified owner)

    I highly recommend following this course for all who are new to LR. I started first off without following it and played around in LR. I wish I knew then what I know now. It truely gives good insights in how to organize your foto’s and how to do bacth editing saving a lot of time leaving more time to spend on looking at the creative side of each picture. instead of coping color changes as example into each and every pic. The course is broken down into short sections which are all easy to follow. which also gives plenty of opportunity to practise in between and take breaks.

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